Mah Jong Connect 麻將連連看

這也是一個很受歡迎的遊戲 只要將可以直線連接 的相同 麻將消去即可 規則簡單 玩起來卻沒有那麼容易

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2016年7月30日 星期六

Ski Safari , Free Game

Ski_SafariSven was having a nice nap when his mountain home started to rumble. Uh-oh, an avalanche! Now he's having the ski trip of a lifetime - a ski safari, in fact. Keep ahead of the rapidly advancing avalanche by riding a variety of animals, from penguins to Yetis and more. Each animal can help in different ways, and if you're lucky you might even find a snowmobile to aid in your escape from a frosty death!

Mahjong Gardens

Description : Online Mahjong solitaire games is puzzle games based on the same tiles. The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tiles under them for play.

Trainyard Shootout

Trainyard Shootout

Trainyard ShootoutDescription : Trainyard Shootout is a free sniper game. a tough shoot out against terrorists. Terrorists have been spotted at the train yard. it's up to you to stop them! You are a special-forces soldier that has been sent to eliminate them.

Sniper Team 2

Description : Sniper Team 2 is a military action game that takes being far-sighted to a new level. Have you ever played Sniper team online? And for free? If you enjoyed so much Sniper team games, and you are looking to play more and more. Then fulfilling all mission and learning to handle different kind of situation.

2015年2月11日 星期三

Loot Heroes Flash Game Review

Tuesday, April 08, 2014 ?Robbie Clark ?

Link:?Loot Heroes
Developed by Vitaly
Sponsored by A10
Genre: RPG/Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8/10

Roguelikes/dungeon crawlers are probably my favorite genre as of now, I just absolutely love them. So when I saw that Vitaly (of the?Endless War?franchise) put out one called Loot Heroes?I had to check it out. What I got was actually pretty good although it does need some rough edges ironed out.

First the good. Graphically Loot Heroes is pretty well done and there is tons of detail put into the characters themselves. With that being said there is also a great deal of variety in playable characters (and you earn more as you play), enemies and items (it isn't called Loot?Heroes for no reason). Gameplay is simple click to move and click to select a specific enemy to attack although you also attack automatically. In typical dungeon crawler fashion you move from level to level defeating enemies and collecting better and better loot. Sounds great and Loot Heroes does a pretty good job at it.

However I do have some slight issues with it all. It is fairly repetitive due to the relatively uninspired enemies that just do the same types of attacks. There are tons of different characters to play as with different powers/attributes that adds nonrepetitive factors. I also found the controls to be rather clunky and could be smoothed out as could the general interface. I also think it would be nice to add more detail in terms of the RPG. As of now you can have a weapon, a ring and a necklace. More detail would be amazing although I suppose the simplicity is on purpose. Overall, Loot Heroes?is a pretty fun game to waste some hours on.

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2015年2月10日 星期二

Mighty Knight Flash Game Review

Sunday, May 18, 2014 ?Robbie Clark ?
Link:?Mighty Knight
Developed by FireBeast Studios
Sponsored by Swartag
Genre: Action
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7.5/10

FireBeast Studios is making some pretty fun games recently. Nothing too ground breaking but fun addictive games like?Evilgeddon Spooky Max. Well, their latest game is Mighty Knight?which is similar but more of a melee brawler.

Gameplay of Mighty Knight is super simple. Basically it is just a hack and slash. It is you against hordes of enemies and bosses as you button mash until all are dead. They do try and make things interesting by adding different allies that help you in battle and each can be upgraded. There are also some special powers you can use and you can even buy one time use items to help you in the levels. Graphically, Mighty Knight is similar to all the other FireBeast Studios games aka it looks like Kingdom Rush. This is fine as that is the popular style nowadays and FireBeast does a great job at making their own enemy designs and such. However, due to the graphically and thematic similarities I like to think of Mighty Knight as actually playing the heroes from Kingdom Rush yourself. Anyways, overall Mighty Knight isn't too unique or spectacular but it is still a fun game to play for a bit.

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2015年2月8日 星期日

Curl Up and Fly Flash Game Review

Thursday, June 12, 2014 ?Robbie Clark ?
Link:?Curl Up and Fly
Developed by Jmtb02
Art by Jimp
Sponsored by Kongregate
Genre: Launcher
FlashMush Reviews Rating: 7/10

Always a pleasure to play and review a Jmtb02 game especially with Jimp's art. Their latest game on Kongregate is called Curl Up and Fly (get it?) which is a typical launcher/upgrade game where you shoot an armadillo as far as you can. Now there is already a popular endless runner with an armadillo mascot (Dillo Hills) but I think there is room for two.

At its basic core I will admit I was slightly disappointed at Curl Up and Fly. The reason is it is just too simple. Shoot the armadillo out of a cannon, hope to hit things, use a jetpack to sort of keep afloat. It seems Curl Up and Fly went back to basics of Kitten Cannon and such with their typical charm. Nothing wrong with this but it didn't really "wow" me. The upgrade system in Curl Up and Fly is the main deciding factor and is at least interesting. The system is a spiderweb system where there are many upgrades to choose from (the same categories though) and paths to take. Each path ends up unlocking a bonus Kongpanion though which gives you an extra boost. As you unlock more you will begin to see the strategy in these Kongpanions. Overall though Curl Up and Fly is rather basic but still a lot of fun to play.

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